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Wig / Frontal Customization
Wig / Frontal Customization

Wig / Frontal Customization

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Service only available in the GTA

Customization for all units take 2-4 days.

You must drop off your unit on Thursday evening (anytime after 6pm) and pick it up on Sunday (2pm - 6pm). However, if your unit is ready before that, you have the option of picking it up earlier. 

Drop off locations:




If you’re unable to drop off your unit and would like it picked up, you are required to pay a “pick up” fee depending on location.

Please specify a detailed description of how you would like your unit customized in the “Notes” section at checkout. For toned and bleached requests, please specify if you’d like us to use a specific brand or product. For coloured units, if you would like more than one color, it’s an extra $10. (Payment must be submitted via PayPal or e-transfer. Email is Also, please e-mail us a clear image for our reference. 

Any additional details you forget to add after checkout can be added when your unit is dropped off or picked up!